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Shanghai - Frankfurt exhibition Shanghai hongqiao
Come from: Date:2015-08-31 Reads:433

Show time: 02 dec, 2015 - December 05
Cycle: an annual one
The exhibition industry: auto parts
Venue: China - Shanghai

Hold the pavilion: national convention center in Shanghai
Company Name:   Quanzhou Luojiang Far East Camshaft Factory 
Our booth No. : 1K25
Contact details:
Ms Wu   Mobile No.:+ 86 15980023938
Mr. Lin   Mobile No.:+ 86 15060801011
The exhibition is introduced:
Asia's largest auto parts. Maintenance detection diagnostic equipment and auto supplies exhibition - Automechanika Shanghai will be 2 solstice December 5, 2015 at the national convention center (Shanghai) held a grand.
Shanghai international auto parts. Testing diagnostic equipment maintenance and service supplies exhibition set up for the first time since 2004. Has successfully held the 11th. Whether it's exhibition scale. The number of exhibitors and exhibits species. The exhibition has maintained a high growth. In the last ten years the highest record number of exhibitors. Automechanika Shanghai is a collection of information communication. Social. Promotion. Education, marketing and trade in one of the one-stop business communication service platform. Auto parts. Auto repair and maintenance. Automotive supplies and a modified three big industry groups. Involved in automotive original manufacturing and aftermarket products and services.
Mother is second only to Frankfurt exhibition. On a global scale the second Automechanika brand exhibition - Automechanika Shanghai will enable the Shanghai new international expo center this year all 17 standard indoor and outdoor pavilion 10. The whole display area of 220000 square meters. The exhibition this year will meet in about 4800 exhibitors around the world. For more than 86000 professional visitors from the whole industry chain. Including carmakers. Dealers. 4 s shop. Repair shops. Car care service centers and retailers, etc.
The number of exhibitors set a record for the last decade. The four-day exhibition. Attracted a total of 4618 enterprises to participate in 38 countries and regions. They come from: Argentina, Brazil, the United States. Japan. Germany. France. The Czech republic. Turkey. Spain. China. Hong Kong, China and Macao, China, etc. Among them. Overseas exhibitors amounted to 523. 2012 (453) grew 15%, domestic exhibitors, 4095. (3656), up 12% year on year.
New three big international pavilion. For the first time to participate in numerous core brands and support agencies. This year the Automechanika Shanghai lucky enough to have 17 full participation in the international pavilion. One of them. Australia. Three Poland and Tunisia pavilion debut exhibition, Germany. France. South Korea. Malaysia. America. Japan. Thailand. Turkey. Spain. Singapore. Italy. India. Britain and China Taiwan and other countries and regions pavilion return again. In addition, many industry will compete to appear. The new and old famous auto parts exhibitors gates neon tower. IBI, baic. Berg warner, car repair and maintenance the exhibitors alfie. - power. Berton. Bess bart, auto supplies and modification exhibitors ABT. Eni. Botny. East son, etc.
Professional presentation. Forty industry to cover every field, the activity of the same period. The Automechanika Shanghai exhibition planning during the more than 40 games industry BBS activities. 10 more than last year. Cover auto parts. Automobile maintenance. Supplies. New sources of energy. To manufacturing and other fields.