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APPEX - US, Oct.31-Nov.2, 2017
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The world's largest professional exhibition AAPEXShow auto after-sales service market is the world's largest auto after-sales service professional exhibition, is also the biggest auto manufacturing trade fair, and the two major U.S. auto industry association and the support of the U.S. department of commerce is to enter the path to north American and European auto parts market. Strong attraction: AAPEX every year, brings together the whole of North America and South America, Europe, the Middle East auto parts of the user, after-sales service, is one of the world's largest automobile manufacturing trade fair, highlight auto aftermarket spare parts market and automobile maintenance products. Exhibition SEMA modified auto show held in the same period, with the United States as a result, as long as attend a solo exhibition, can benefit from both exhibition organizers invited buyers for you at the same time, the exhibition effect must be double! Internationalization: at AAPEX, you can reach all key decision-makers in the target market at the same time. Auto parts wholesale distributors, retailers, service chain merchants, wholesalers and service professionals will attend the AAPEX. These buyers have billions of dollars in purchasing power. High degree of professional: AAPEX shows all the relevant new product and new concept, exhibits range auto after-sales service market to product series, all kinds of auto parts, seat belts, brake parts, chassis and so on, specialized degree is high.
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